"Meet IACA's Members" The Bank of Canada’s Currency Department

We are very pleased that the second organization to participate in our “Meet IACAs Members” initiative is the Bank of Canadas Currency Department.  We had an excellent response to our introduction of Authentix; the link to their piece on the opening page of IACA’s website received the highest number of hits during the week of its posting.

 The “Meet IACA’s Members” program offers our members the opportunity to introduce themselves to each other by submitting a short article on a subject of general interest.  We plan to publish introductory articles on our website 4 or 5 times per year, alternating between our central bank and company members.

We are anxious to introduce all of the organizations that belong to our group.  We encourage you to submit a “Meet IACA’s Members” article.   To become one of our spotlighted members, please contact Eugenie Foster to discuss the details; eugenie.foster@currencyaffairs.org

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Deutsche Bundesbank International Cash Conference 2014

The Deutsche Bundesbank recently hosted the International Cash Conference 2014 . Renowned researchers and cash experts delivered papers on recent developments ranging from “Modeling Banknote Printing Costs: of Cohorts, Generations and Note-Years,” to “Currency Demand During the Global Financial Crisis: Evidence from Australia.” We are particularly pleased that the authors of the papers on “Consumer Cash Usage: A Cross-Country Comparison with Payment Diary Survey Data” recognized the role of IACA’s Central Bank Forums in bringing together the researchers to investigate this important issue.

We are grateful that the Deutsche Bundesbank Cash Department, an IACA member, has agreed to allow us to provide the direct link below to the outstanding papers from the conference.

Click here to view the papers now. 

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IACA News Feed New Format

We are pleased to announce that we have joined with Counting on Currency to present the latest news about cash for our IACA members. Counting on Currency has developed a page dedicated to IACA members with the latest news; it is connected directly to the IACA members page. When you go to the news tab in the IACA members section, you will be redirected to the dedicated section of the Counting on Currency website. We hope you will enjoy this new format.