Bernhard Imbach

Managing Director CCL Secure

Bernhard joined CCL Secure as Managing Director in September 2014. His career began at Orell Füssli Security Printing as an Offset and Letterpress Printer. He rose through the organisation to become Chief Operations Manager and a member of the Executive Team of Orell Füssli Security Printing Ltd. In November 2007, Bernhard joined Note Printing Australia (NPA) as General Manager, Manufacturing Operations to assist in the introduction of world class manufacturing techniques and processes. In February 2008 he was appointed as Chief Executive Officer and continued to build NPA’s reputation as a world leader in polymer banknote printing, producing banknotes for the Reserve Bank of Australia and a number of other countries.
Throughout his career, Bernhard has led cutting edge initiatives in high security printing. During his time at Orell Füssli, he was the technical leader of the new Swiss banknote series launched in 1994 and introduced the world’s first digital workflow for prepress in the security printing business. As CEO of NPA, Bernhard led a major banknote printing equipment upgrade which maintained NPA’s position as a modern, highly sophisticated and efficient banknote printer recognised within the banknote printing industry and Central Banks.